World Country Flag Quiz
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About World Country Flag Quiz(Free Online App)

World Country Flag Quiz is a game-like quiz app that allows you to quickly start "guessing the world's flags with four choices".

So you can really enjoy the quiz quickly, easily, and casually.

Try to get the top ranking in the flag quiz!

The world flag quiz has a national ranking function, and for each course, the number of correct answers and speed with which you guess the flag determines your ranking.

Four courses, from beginner to the most difficult

There are four courses in total.

Beginner's Flag Guessing 10-Game Course

We have created a 10-game beginner course that is easy enough for children and infants to enjoy. Please try playing this beginner course first.

Intermediate 30 Flags Course

 This is an intermediate course with 30 flag quizzes, where answering all 30 questions correctly becomes quite difficult.

Advanced Course: 100 Flags

 This is an advanced course with 100 questions. If you answered all 30 questions correctly, you may be able to answer all the questions in this advanced course!

The most difficult course

 This is the most difficult course in which you will be asked to guess the flag of all 197 countries, which is the sum of the number of countries recognized by Japan, the number of UN member countries, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Clearing all the questions in this course is a tough task, but please give it a try.

Country names are available in hiragana, katakana, and English (English letters).

In this quiz, the names of countries are displayed in hiragana, katakana, and English so that even preschool children, toddlers, and lower elementary school students can play.

Even if small children are interested in national flags, the hurdle rises quickly when they have to answer in kanji, but changing to hiragana will help them memorize the flags.

World flag quiz with hints

Even if you don't know anything about flags, we've included five hints to make the game more interesting.

The shape of the country (land area)

Population of the country with the flag

The country's location on the world map and the names of surrounding countries.

The first English letter of the country's name

The first hiragana of the country's name.

In particular, the first letter at the end can be a big hint and can help you answer all the questions correctly.

However, in the national ranking, the speed of guessing the flag is also evaluated as part of the time attack, so if you are using hints, it will be difficult to reach the top of the national ranking.

However, as you play the quiz again and again, you will learn the colors and patterns of the flags, so please try to challenge the quiz with the aim of reaching the top.

Flag quiz lookback function

If there are any questions you don't understand in the world flag quiz, please take advantage of the look back feature, which helps you review the quiz when you play through to the end.

By looking back, your memory will become stronger, which will help you learn and memorize.

Thank you very much for your continued support of this quiz app.

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